RS Compliance Manager

Manage Your Agreements on any Device

Whether your agreements are contracts, grants, assets, cases, or jobs, RS Compliance Manager™ (RSCMGR) patent pending intuitive design lets you manage them with ease.


The Benefits

Executive Oversight

Executive dashboard lets you compare actual results against policy objectives.

Management Reporting

Management dashboards capture each team member's performance or the entire organization.

Stay in Compliance

The ability to easily include your organization's rules directly within the software system solves most compliance issues.

Monitors the Relationship

Great teaming requires nurturing. Monitor the relationship not just the activities.

Key Features

Simple Intuitive Design

It all starts with a design that works the way you do whether you are the agreement issuer or receiver. A common-sense approach is taken so your time is spent using the system rather than trying to understand the system.

Seamless Data Integration

A good agreement management system needs to easily communicate with your other vital systems such as finance, electronic signature, email, and more. We do this better than any of our competitors.

Know when critical items are expiring

Save money and reduce risk through alerts when vital documents near expiration. Stay up to date with Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Insurance, Bonding, and other vital documents.

Safe and Efficient File Management

All standard file types supported. Revision tracking. Store, modify and access all critical agreement information in one place. Role-based security limits who can view and update information

Flexible Reporting

Search, create, filter, and edit reports across multiple criteria and categories for the current or previous years. Schedule reports to update automatically. Provide others permission to edit certain reports.

Promotes Teaming of all Business Types

Whether the goal is teaming with small businesses or with large businesses, monitor the relationship's financial and performance metrics easily and effectively.

RS Compliance Manager is a product of the Reality Software Suite.

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