RS Compliance Manager

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RS Compliance Manager (RSCMGR) is an interactive, cloud-based software solution that promote fairness and equality through effective management of government & business contracts, grants, assets, cases, and jobs.

The Benefits

Effecient Management

Timely Reporting

Better Compliance

Easy Monitoring

Key Features

Simple Intuitive Design

Easily to manage, track, and monitor, all pre as well as post award procurement processes; right from negotiation all the way through compliance.

Seamless Data Integration

Easy data migration & integration with Docusign, MS Outlook & other appps, compatible with all OS & browser; runs in the datacenter with SOC-2 audit certification.

Document Expiry Alert

Get alerts for documents nearing expiry. Always stay updated with your paperwork such as supplier Secretary of State and Certificate of Insurance etc.

Auto Generate Reports

Search create, filter and edit reports across multiple accounts and applications for the current or past years. Schedule reports to be updated automatically. Lock permissions to edit certain reports

Efficient File Management

All standard file types supported, Revision Tracking. Store modify and access vendor information NIGP codes or other commodity codes, Role-based access to view and update information.

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