RS Compliance Manager

Welcome to RS Compliance Manager (RSCMGR)

The ultimate all-in-one software application for managing your procurement process.

Our application is made to make it simple to enter, obtain, and track all the information related to your procurement dollars whether you are a small business contractor, large business, or government entity.

Why choose RS Compliance Manager (RSCMGR)?

Our application is filled to the brim with features while still maintaining an easy to use and understand interface. Our application has tutorials to explain how to use the application with examples as well. If your organization still doesn’t understand how the application works, we offer demonstrations that can even utilize a small amount of your data to show how to operate the many functions and utilize the data gathered. We offer all this to make it as easy as possible to transition to our application.

Monitoring compliance made easy

Ensuring that your company’s money is going into the right hands is very important. With RSCMGR there is a multitude of ways to track exactly where your money is going including:

  • Reports – Generated based on the calculations of the data present within the application
  • Scheduler – Have an overhead view of upcoming important dates of your contracts utilizing the calendar present in the application or export it for use in your preferred calendar app
  • Dashboards – You no longer will have to pay a third party to go through your contracts one by one in order to verify that your money is going where it’s supposed to

Manage the information shown to your employees

RSCMGR provides you with the ability to create and manage a variety of user accounts for your employees

  • Levels of Permission – From admins, power users, and standard users there is multiple tiers for how much users are able to interact with the system
  • Public Access – Allow and manage particular contracts to be viewable by the public simply by visiting your instance of the application

B2G Integration

RSCMGR has the capacity to work with B2G in order to retrieve and update your contractor data automatically.

Manage your list of potential contractors easily

Managing your list of contractors in the same application to make sure that you are choosing the best contractor for each job with the most up to date information

  • Contractor List – RSCMGR has its own section for managing contractors and this affects what contractors can be assigned based on the information provided in a contract
  • Pending Contractors – Control the addition of new contractors utilizing the pending contractors section that only allows contractors to be added to the system if approved by the proper user
  • Contractor Users – Allow for your contractors to login to your system themselves in order to see their contracts with you and provide proper documentation to them

Preparing for the future and preserving the past

RSCMGR can help you plan ahead and also leave a paper trail of your upcoming and previous contracts

  • Forecasts – Utilizing this module of the application you can plan for upcoming contracts that you might want to pursue or contracts that have not been signed yet
  • Archived – Keep your past contracts within your system and in the state you left them in by our system locking down the contracts when you set them to the Archived status

Support you can count on

It’s our promise to provide our best support when setting up our application, while you are actively using the application, and beyond.

Don’t have the manpower to manage the application?

No worries!

Allow our team to manage it for you!

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