Comprehensive Data Integration & Sharing

Web-based as well as a hosted solution with support for single sign-on, mobile and tablet applications. Steadfast Data protection functionality and protocols with centralized, cloud-based storage solutions

Effective Communication

Multiple communication modalities to engage users around respective roles Communications are stored so that other users may refer back to them and be able to mark the communication as private

Workflow Management

Customize workflow process by groups. Progressive and custom workflow capabilities Automate and connect workflow processes for custom notifications via email and SMS

Report Generation

Reporting capabilities that allow for historical analysis of data and performance Lock permissions to edit certain reports

Document Organization

Combine contract/grant information including notes, financial reports, and performance reports in one place until ready for archiving Allows contractors and sub-contractors the ability to upload required documentation Electronic documentation acceptance/rejection


Fully compliant with all standard federal regulations such as VAWA, Clery, and TIX reporting and adjudication.

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