Data Integration

Easy data migration & integration with DocuSign, MS Outlook & other apps, compatible with all OS & browsers; runs in the datacenter with SOC-2 audit certification

Intuitive Design

For procurement professionals to effortlessly track, monitor, & manage the pre/post-award procurement process from negotiation through contract/grant compliance

Versatile User Dashboard

Rights-based access to users, view/edit fields, share data, limit accesses, security and application permissions. Ability to keep confidential records, private.

Report Generation

Search, create, filter and edit reports across multiple accounts and applications for the current or past years. Schedule reports to be updated automatically. Lock permissions to edit certain reports

Contract Templates

Blank templates for practice, merge key fields on contract templates, easy movement from page to page, save partially filled applications, track status of contract execution & funds distribution

Audit Logging

View/monitor audit trails keeping logs of every action. Ability to keep a separate audit log of system administrator actions and Audit tracking activities within the software

Workflow Modification

Modify workflow design, control workflows, & monitor status of multiple applications and awards. Add "flags" preventing additional activity or approvals until conditions are met

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